BGP – The Company And Its Mission

BGP Holdings PLC is a Maltese holding company holding the legacy structure and sale proceeds of the BGP Investment real estate portfolio. From its beginnings in 2005 as a joint venture between Australian companies Babcock & Brown and the GPT Group. BGP was restructured in 2009 as an independent company with over 58,000 shareholders. It has recently completed the sale of its core assets and is in the process of repatriating funds to its shareholders.


  • BGP Holdings - Extraordinary General Meeting - capital reduction approved

    At the Company's Extraordinary General meeting on July 3 in Malta all resolutions were approved. Hence a capital reduction of EUR 136 million has been authorised which will be paid as a distribution around mid-October following the statutory three month creditors' objection period. This will amount to AUD 0.0207 per share.

  • BGP Holdings - Next Distribution

    Following the first interim dividend of AUD 0.05860935 per share paid on February 7, a second distribution, around AUD 0.02 per share, is expected in Q3, when the formalities of a capital reduction are completed. After this the companies will be liquidated, a process which will take around two years due to residual obligations under the sale contracts. There should be no material returns from the final liquidation process.

  • BGP Holdings - dividend announcement

    Further to the company’s announcements in December 2016 an interim dividend of AUD $0.05860935 per share will be paid be paid on February 7. Advice to this effect has been sent to you or your custodian.

    If you have any problems accessing your statements, please contact the Share registry on 1800 115 044 (within Australia) or + 61 1800 115 044 (outside Australia) or email

  • Floor Caving In on Europe Real Estate Stocks Bashed by Rates.

    by Aleksandra Gjorgievska and Blaise Robinson - 20 january 2017

    European property stocks, already the worst performers this year, are flirting with a key technical level that, if breached, could signal more declines.

    Battered by rising bond yields and Brexit uncertainty, the Stoxx 600 Real Estate Index has slumped to its lowest level since 2014 relative to its parent gauge. Now, it’s on the verge of falling below a technical threshold that has acted as a support since 2009, which would be a bearish signal.

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    Sale Value over €1.1 billion including net debt
    Net proceeds to BGP of approx. €600 million
    Interim distribution of €407 million planned in early 2017

  • The sale of BGP investment, its assets and subsidiaries closed in November.

    Audited closing accounts are being prepared and should be completed in February. Net proceeds are likely to attain nearly EUR 600 million, from which around EUR 10 million in transaction costs and taxes need to be deducted. In addition, some EUR 20 million will be held back for up to two years to give substance to warranty and indemnity insurance and legacy tax representations. BGP expects to distribute an interim dividend of around EUR 400 million around year end, with a further EUR 150 million in the first half of 2017. Our timetable is governed by the need to execute a capital reduction to release the second distribution, a process which will also require a general meeting of shareholders in the New Year.